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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blog Train Freebie and Video on My Memories Software

Video Tutorial - Look at making a layout in My Memories Software

Kit Used: Quick Fire Mini 5 by Carena's Designs.
These quick fire mini's are a great way to try out my products and they give you enough embellishments to make a stunning page without too much complication of choice which if you are a beginner can be a little overwhelming at first. It really won't take  you long though and you will love the larger kits and having plenty of choices which enable you to make a full size album in matching kit style and colour.

Demonstration on using My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software with Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Quick Fire Mini 5 by Carena's Designs available at My Memories Store - ON SALE till October 26th

Use coupon code STMMMS3764 to get $10 off MyMemories Suite Software, Free photo book, 13 Pre-loaded Scrapbook kits & 1 month of the Designer Club (current Sept 2014)

I hope you have enjoyed watching this tutorial using My Memories Software and that it has helped you to get some great ideas on how to put together a layout.
Please LIKE me on my Facebook Fan Page HERE at Carena's Scrapbooking Designs  for further tutorials, freebies, new products and Designer News.

Choo Choo - Autumn Leaves Blog Train - Freebie link at bottom.

My Memories digital scrapbooking software and 13 digital scrapbooking kits pre-loaded to software, access to tutorials, Free photobook and $10 OFF (current Sept 2014) Get $10 OFF - My Memories Software using Code: STMMMS3764

Welcome to the MyMemories Designer Train!

Starting this month, you will be directed to each designers store at the MyMemories site. If you have not already done so, you will need to sign up for an account [note: this is a one time sign up and no purchase is necessary].

There is a special link to each designers gift that must be obtained from each designer. That link will take you to their store and their gift.
The new process is:
  • visit each designer's blog or FB posting for their preview & special link
  • click on the link provided & be taken to their MyMemories store
  • place their gift in your shopping cart
  • check out when you have all the gifts collected

List of Blog Train Participants - Ride the train today - Ends 31st October
(Remember we are all in different time zones - please check back if links aren't up yet)

My Memories  
Aah! Qxdesign  
ADB Designs 
Albums to Remember Designs
Art For Scrapbooking  
Autumn Owl Designs  
Becky's Creations  
BenThai Creations 
Carena's Designs  (YOU ARE HERE)
Carolyn's Scrap Creations  
Designs by Mandy King  
Dillies Designs
Happy Scrap Arts 
Jen Wright Designs 
Kathryn's Digital Designs  
Kreations by Sparky
Kristmess Designs  
LSH Designs
Marniejo's House of  Scraps
Over the Fence Designs 
PattyB Scraps 
QueenBrat Digital Designs  
Scrap N Designs  
Snackpackgu's Designs
Syrena's Scrap Art 
Touched By A Butterfly  

Carena's Designs - Autumn Leaves FREEBIE DOWNLOAD HERE - Enjoy

and I have another freebie for you HERE proudly sponsored by Carena's Designs

Below is the layout I did using my Freebie from the Blog Train. I hope this helps inspire you.

Blog Train Offer Ends end of month.
Enjoy and brought to you by Carena's Designs

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tutorial on How to use Templates in My Memories Software?

Wondering about My Memoires Software - check out this tutorial I've made that gives you a look at what it offers and how easy it is to use.
How to use My Memories Software templates - adding photo, selecting embellishments, changing opacity and saving to your computer your layout.

 My Memories Video Tutorial on Templates

Don't have My Memories Software? It's awesome. As a designer I can offer EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT COUPON Code: STMMMS3764
This gets you $10 plus you get BONUS FREEIE offers too!
For more information go to HERE
and click on software. Don't forget you can also trial the software FREE. Thousands of people love using this software as it's easy to use. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Want more of my products you can get them HERE at Carena's Designs My Memoires Store
Thanks you
Like It? Why not Share. Cheers

This is my layout using the Days Gone By Template by Carena's Designs

Thank you for viewing. Please if you like this tutorial, please share with your friends. 

By the way - I have a freebie for you - The Template used to make this layout HERE - ENjoy

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free Template and Scrapbooking ideas

Kit: Days Gone By - by Carena's Designs
You can see it HERE in my store.

I am hosting this challenge at 2 different sites - First - Digidesignresort and 2nd at Scrapbook Max. Because Scrapbook Max site has their own software and it works differently to Photoshop type programs, I've added some extra information to help those people. I hope the everyone else also might find some of the information interesting also.

OK and now for some extra help. Here are the embellishments I used to make my first layout (pictured below with the Siamese Cat and Cailtyn). It all looks complicated in the layout but when you get down to the nuts and bolts - it isn't anywhere as difficult or complicated as you might think.

Embellishments I used - and this also shows the placement of where they went on the full page on the left - embellishment used on the right.

OK folks - about to share yet another secret technique with you all. Yes I used the paper as above with the eraser on the duplicated paper and then lightened.
I took this layout a further step - if you can notice the layout (BELOW) looks darker around all the outer edges while the middle looks brighter and eye catching.
Secret: After completing the layout I saved it as a Jpeg. Now I opened the flattened jpeg image of the layout back into SBM or photoshop or whatever program you are using as you can do it with them all. I then duplicated the layout (copy and paste it exactly on top of the first). Now darken the top layer and then erase the middle with a soft eraser so you can see the brighter image underneath. It will give you a spotlight type of effect.  I hope you find this useful.
 Both Above and below layout are done with the Kit: Days Gone By Bundle by Carena's Designs
Each layout using different elements from the kit but with the same FREE template which you will find below. The layout above I have used the technique described above.

FREE with Newsletter Sign Up - Natural Breeze
is Exclusive at Digidesignresort. You can get this kit FREE  - HERE
Above my layout with the FREE KIT and the FREE template below.

And now for the FREEBIE - you can get it HERE - Available all month. Come and join us in the challenges - we'd love to have you.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wedding Freebie & Easy Layout Tutorial

Ultimate Wedding MEGA Bundle
Ultimate Wedding - MEGA DVD RELEASED
Below is a slide show of layouts the Creative Team have made from of this MEGA Collection.
All are BRAND NEW RELEASE KITS - Never seen before.
You can get 77% OFF this entire Bundle - Exclusive at Digidesignresort
To give you just a Taste of whats included see below - this doesn't show you the mega bundle of clusters, masks, wordart, alpha or the amazing double Quick Pages.
Check out the Entire Collection - HERE
You not only can get the entire Collection on DVD with Videos or without DVD's as a download but you can also get the FREE with Purchase Offer at the Same time - MEGA SAVINGS.
Just one part of the Mega Bundle - Salty Kisses
This kit includes some pre-shadowed elements such as the above palm tree. It also comes without shadow. The pre-shadowed element gives you the opportunity to use to make your layouts really POP and show realistic natural falling shadows. I have many people say to me - I can't do that - it looks too complicated. Well here I want to show you just how easy it can be. Above Step 1. I added the paper, netting in corner, sand and my pre-extracted image of the bride plus the pre-shadowed vine in the top right corner. I added a few tiny frangipani flowers to vine.
As you can see - there really isn't anything hard here - it's just simply placement. Step 2 - I added the pre-shadowed realistic palms. Nothing hard there either. Step 3. I added the larger palms to the layout with the pre-shadowed realistic shadows which is included in the kit. It's just a case of playing around with placement to your liking and making sure you place in front or behind your already placed elements. Step 4 - Finally added the wordart with is also included and this time I lowered the opacity - I didn't want the strong black text this time and went for a softer colour. Finally added the seagull and added a little shadow to it.
As you can see - there wasn't anything hard or difficult in this layout. If you wanted to you can add a picture frame and a normal photo. I'd place the sand so it was over the frame and in front of your image so it looks like the sand spills over the edge of the frame.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the steps in this layout. As you can see - it really is easy. This layout is just as easy in Scrapbook Max Software also. Enjoy In the above layout using the freebie at Digidesignresort, it's again just a placement thing. I also done another little trick on 3 of the floral elements I've repeated and that is to just lower the opacity so the papers are showing through. (bottom right, middle under frame clusters and top left corner). The word art I made was easy also. I typed it and then using a soft edged eraser, I lowered the opacity of the eraser so not to erase the entire thing and just swept it over the text to have stronger and lighter text showing. Again, there isn't anything really hard about this - it's just about knowing a few little tricks. Included in the freebie: 1 paper, 12 inch border, floral cluster, ribbon and cluster frame. Freebie available at: Digidesignresort - HERE - Note: limited to just a few days. I hope you have enjoyed my very basic layout tutorial and that you try these out for yourself. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Digidesignresort 2nd Birthday SALE

Do you want to WIN - Red Rose Romance Kit by Carena's Designs It's EASY just post a comment at Digidesignresort Forum and you could be the LUCKY WINNER Click here to Enter
Birthday Sale Time at Digidesignresort
Digidesignresort turns 2 years old - WOW, time flys - come and celebrate with us. We are celebrating over the entire month with lots of FREEBIES and Prizes.
  • Store Sale 35% OFF 30th July to 2nd August
  • Dress up your Avatar Freebie in store - Upload your avatar - part of Challenges starts 1st Aug
  • Reach for the Stars - Mix and Match Kits - EXCLUSIVE to Digidesignresort
  • Pack the Chatroom - 2pm EDT 6th August - Fun, games and Prizes
  • Birthday Goodie Bag 14th Aug - (YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR NEWSLETTER)
  • Speed Scrap - 8pm EDT (US) 13th August - Prize brought to you by Mistica Designs
  • Progressive Scarp - 16th Aug - brought to you by Elaine. Hmm What surprises is she going to spring on us this time?
  • Another Sale - Surprise $2 day
  • plus all the normal Challenge Fun - Free Templates and use it all challenge Gift.
  • 28th August - Our final SURPRISE BLAST!
Plus you just never know - what other SURPRISES we might Instantly Spring on you. You just have to be around the forum - you just never know what might happen next! RAKS, Prizes - could be anything.
EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS Mix and Match with Reach for the Stars - Above At Digidesignresort and yes - it's all on SALE And Now - Tutorial Time
SCRAPBOOK MAX - Tutorial Time - This time I have something advanced for you. You will need good knowledge of Scrapbook Max Version 2. You can see how to do ADVANCED SHADOWS like in the example above. For full screen details - please click here to go to FREE TUTORIAL. There is also other tutorials there also you might find very interesting for Scrapbook Max but also Photoshop (some advanced and some basic - a little something for everyone). Enjoy Digidesignresort - Dress up your Avatar with this freebie - Come celebrate with us this month. Plus FrenchGirl has made this gorgeous cluster frame FREEBIE from her kit: Spa Day. Available for just a short time. Enjoy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Scrapbook Max Free Tutorial - blending

The below tutorial is done using the below kit - My Beach by Carena's Designs - you can see the full kit - here and it's on sale. Enjoy the tutorial.
Scrapbook Max Version 2 Software Tutorial using Kit: My Beach by Carena's Designs

Scrapbook Max has scrapbooking software that makes it very easy to use. They have a new version out which allows you to extract images but it's also useful for doing blending like in the below layout. Here is what I did.

The paper and the photo used is very similar in colour - so it made it easy to blend the two together so you can't tell where one starts and the other ends. This makes for a very smooth blend in colours. Place the paper on your page that you want to use and then place photo in postition. Once there click on your photo so it's active and then click the erasor tool in the menu bar at top (version 2 software only). Now using a soft round brush - settings as seen above. Start erasing along the edge of the photo - it gives it a soft erase so it will blend in well. You can adjust the opacity (transparency) and slowly keep going over it until you get the desired result. Click OK and check how it is going as you go - if it's not right - then click erasor again and adjust further as required. My page was set at 12 inch and 300 dpi so I used the largest sizes but if you are using a smaller page size, you may require something smaller. Here is my page after erasing the side of the photo. Once you are happy with the result - then continue adding other elements and word art as you please. Below is my final result. I only used 3 elements from the kit: My Beach and word art by Suddenly Artist. Really simple layout to do and very effective.

You also can do this - it's really not that hard to do as you can see. The main key to the success to this layout I think is the closeness of the paper with the colours of the photo.

Certainly this can be done in many other programs also - such as: Adobe Photoshop and Elements as well as many others - so long as it has an erasor - then I'm sure it's possible and a similar process - so easy to adapt.

Layout Credits: Kit - My Beach by Carena's Designs and Word Art by Suddenly Artist Thanks for taking a look at my Scrapbook Max Tutorial - I hope you have found it useful and inspiring to try out something like this yourself. Don't forget if you want to share this with your friends, please direct them to my blog.
Scrapbook Max Software can be purchased from their store HERE.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Freebies and Hair Extracting Tutorial

Current Freebies and Challenges and Tutorial
Make A Wish Collaboration Kit
GET IT FREE when you do challenges at Digidesignresort or if you don't have the time - It's avaible in store On Sale Right Now Here are the papers - Not all shown and the word art below. 1 Preview simply wasn't enough and still not everything is shown in the previews. IT'S REALLY BIG Also remember to check out the SUPER SAVING SPECIALS Spend $10 in store and get Natures Bouquet FREE Coupon code: flowers (as seen in top preview)
August Template Challenge at Digidesignresort
Do all 6 challenges and get the above Collaboration Kit: Make A Wish for FREE August Sea Breeze Template Challenge can be found at Digidesignresort Forum - click image above for link. Also while you are in the forum, please check out a Hair Extracting Tutorial written by CCA. It's totally awesome and a real time saver for your layouts. You'll just love it. ENJOY

Friday, July 24, 2009

Freebie Tutorial

Hi everyone - today I made this tutorial in Photoshop CS3. It's aimed at beginners to intermediate scrappers. It's a step by step look at how I did this layout. The kit used: Natures Bouquet by Digidesignresort Collab Team and it's FREE with any $10 purchase in store with the coupon code: flowers See store front for more details. (add $10 or more to your cart then add the collab kit to your cart also and check out using the coupon code in the first box and on the next step you will see the coupon deducted off the total price. Enjoy)
Here is a better view of the layout I made.
I hope someone can find this tutorial helpful.
Brought to you by Carena's Designs

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Tutorial on Photo Blending

Firstly News and Sales
Recent release - Charming by Carena's Designs
ON SALE 30% OFF just $3.85
click image below for link - ENJOY the sale

Also Digidesignresort has some FREEBIES in Store also

Click above picture for store link and check out Newsletter Freebies

Currently - 3 freebies - Caitlyn add on - CU flowers - CU flower Action. Enjoy

And now something I'm extremely excited about and been wanting to share this with you for some weeks now. I was extremely lucky to have had the below layout done for me by a fabulous layout designer. In fact I would call her a genius. She goes under the gallery title CCA and she has so very kindly agreed to share her secrets in doing this layout with us at Digidesignresort Forum.

Here is a look at the original picture of my daughter Caitlyn feeding the ducks with that dreadful ugly bread bag.

And this is the layout after what I'm sure was many hours of work. Isn't it fantastic - When I first seen this my jaw just dropped open for some minutes before I managed to remember to close it. LOL And CCA has written a tutorial on how she edited the photo in order to make this fantastic page. You to can check it out at Digidesignresort. So please come and check it out and be awestruct just as I was. It really brings more meaning and understanding on how a page is created. You can really be inspired by this tutorial. I'd love it if you could leave CCA some love in the forum for sharing her awesome talent with us. Hugs and enjoy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tutorial Photoshop & New release product

New Release: Beach Fun by Carena's Designs Below one of my favourite layouts using the kit:
54 Elements and 16 Papers - pop on over to DigitalScrapgirl.com for a look in my gallery for more examples of layouts using this kit.
Here is the link for my latest kit: Beach Fun
Tutorial below - I used the DigitalScrapgirl - Collaboration Kit for March for this layout. You can find it here: http://store.digitalscrapbooking.de/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=54&products_id=477
Here is how to achieve the above effect for your very own layouts. If you'd like to pass this information to your friends please send them to here. Many thanks.
For this layout I extracted my daughter first but you can do it last by erasing the background with a soft brush - it's up to you which way you do it.
  • duplicate background layer - apply the following to the copy
  • image > adjustment > invert
  • image > mode > grayscale - don't merge
  • set the blending to colour dodge
  • filter > gaussian blur - about 50 radius setting
  • image > mode > RGB and select merge
  • now add it to your layout page and set blending to overlay
  • and there you have it.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I found it on the web somewhere but never wrote it down where. If you have seen this tutorial please let me know where so I can give proper credit. I do so many tutorials - it's a great way to learn. I highly recommend it.

I'd love to see your layouts you make using this - email me a message with a link to your gallery if you'd like to share them with me. Here: carena.cats@yahoo.com.au