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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Digital Scrapbooking Day 40% OFF SALE and FREEBIE TEMPLATE

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!
YES, we are STILL 40% off and this is YOUR chance to save BIG 

also I have a FREE TEMPLATE in the forum for the November Templates Challenge.
Here is a look - bought to you by Carena's Designs

Layout above done with kit: Sydney by Carena's Designs
(word art not included) 

Digital Scrapbooking Kit: Sydney by Carena's Designs

and finally - grab this delicious FREE template HERE in the forum. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

National Scrapbooking Day SALE - Carena's Designs

National Scrapbooking Day NSD SALE - Carena's Designs
Discount  30-40% OFF in my stores:

most of my Stores. Come and Check It Out. 
Offers end 4th May 2014. Enjoy

Saturday, May 4, 2013

MEGA Photobook Ideas for weddings and freebie for National Scrapobooking Day.

Vintage Photobook Bundle by Mistica and Carena's Designs
It's everything you ever needed to put together a MEGA Photobook. 
Heaps of Double Papers
The are different in that you don't need to repeat a paper to have a double paper. We have done it for you only much better than that - Each side is unique - not a duplicate of the first side but and entire 24 inch by 12 inch paper. You will love working with them. No more carbon copy papers.

Here is a look at the Bundle. 

CONTENTS OF MEGA Vintage Photobook Collection:
  • 11 papers (12 inch)
  • Massive 120 elements
  • 6 gorgeous borders
  • Massive 20 double page papers ( 24 inch by 12 inch)
  • 10 stacked papers (12 inch)
  • 13 beautiful clusters for a quick start to any page
  • 10 photobook frame sets
  • 15 photo frames

my part of the collection in kit preview

 The 9 stacked papers
6 borders

Layout by Me - Carena's Designs - My Daughter Caitlyn 
Photo taken just the other day. My little girl is growing up - Almost 11 years.

Layout by Marnie

by Victoria32

by Victoria32

by Victoria32

Layout by Victoria32

What a stunning collection of pages Victoria32 has done in just a short time. Really the Creative Team have just got this kit yesterday and already she has all these pages done. Beautiful work. It's gonna be a stunning album for sure. Thank you so much for sharing these with us all. Very inspirational.

and now the freebie

National Scrapbooking Day FREEBIE by Carena's Designs 
You can grab it HERE 

Be sure to check out my Template Challenge for May in the Forum - Enjoy

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scrapbook Max Sale and Challenge

Let me Introduce Myself - Carena's Designs

Hi everyone. For those who don't already know me, my name is Carena Scott and I have been a digital scrapbooking designers since 2007. I have a daughter - Caitlyn - currently 10 3/4 years old and growing up way too fast. You will see Caitlyn featuring in my layouts in the gallery often. I would love to scrap photos of her more often but currently she is at that aweful age where she doesn't want photos taken. Oh RATS! What am I to do? This drives me crazy and so often I have to bribe her to get a photo at all and then they aren't always the most pleasant of expressions on her face. You know what I'm talking about - pulled faces - strange weird head angles.  Anyway that's enough about Caitlyn. I guess she is pretty much the normal for her age.
Now as for me - I take care of my elderly mother (recently turned 80 years old). Middle of last year sadly she broke her hip while I was out helping the school with a maths class. She has recovered but hasn't returned to what she was before the fall. 
My design style I would class as REALISTIC STYLE - I love to photograph and painfully extract flowers and leaves to place into my kits. I work with a Canon G10 Camera which I just love. Gives such beautiful clear pictures and a pleasure to work with. Besides the usual scrapbooking style of flowers, ribbons, papers, embellishments I also love to explore SCENE BUILDING LAYOUTS. This for those who haven't seen before is where you make a scene and extract people and place into the scene. Read further for a look of some examples of this. It's great fun if you haven't already tried it. I was very pleased when Scrapbook Max Version 2 Software was released with the eraser tool included in it. Totally awesome and ideal for these scene layouts. It takes time to get used of it but well worth the effort.
Besides designing, watching tutorials to expand my knowledge of scrapbooking and photo editing software, taking care of my family - I then try to avoid housework as much as possible, LOL, I am involved with Scouts. Previously I was a Kea/Cub leader (age group 5.5 years to 10 years) but have put this aside for now and am on the committee as Chairperson for our group. Scouts has been lots of fun and I've also been involved with Camps, fundraising etc.
Anyway - that gives you a small insight to me and my activities. Now it's time to show you some of my   scrapbooking kits and layouts. I hope to meet you at SBM Forum - see the article on Let's Explore the Forum and Gallery Together further down the page. See you there.

SALE ANNOUCEMENT - 20% OFF Carena's Designs - See Coupon at Bottom & Terms
from NOW until 3rd May at Scrapbook Max Store

Panda in the Bamboo - Scene Kit by Carena's Designs


 Below are some examples layouts made from the Panda in the Bamboo Collection. They have parts from some or all parts of the collection in them. The first 2 are mine featuring my daughter Caitlyn. This was when she didn't mind photos being taken of her. LOL
The 2nd two layouts are done by Marnie and Elaine. Marnie shows the kit being using in the more tradition style of layout with photos and frames added. Elaine (right) shows her extraction skills and supreme scene building skills. She is such an expert at these. To see the layout better please visit her gallery at SBM HERE. She has another awesome layout using this kit also - see here both feature her grandchildren.
 Now of course - sadly we all might not have the skills and expertise as Elaine does (which comes with many years experience) but that's not to say we can't make awesome layouts. This is why I love to also make CLUSTER Sets. These are so quick and easy to use. Remember not only can you use them on their own but also add other extra embellishments to them from the kits and paper packs.

Whenever you are stuck for an idea, don't know where to start? well a cluster will kick start you off. Also be sure to check out the - pre-made papers or stacked paper packs. Already the layout has been started for you. 
Above is a layout I did using no papers - just a simple white background and I used a shape to give the black border - or you could start wth a black background and add a white paper. Like so often there is more than one way to achieve a look.  
I used the Cluster frame from then Panda in the Bamboo Cluster pack and popped in a photo of Caitlyn which was taken just a couple of days ago. It was a case of push her out the door to get her to stand where I wanted her and quickly snap the photo. I even threaten she wouldn't go to Camp unless she do it for me. LOL I'm such a mean mum. It wasn't exactly the expression I wished to capture. Best thing right now is I have all this free time while she is on school holiday camp for 5 days. I don't think I could have concentrated properly with her around to post this for you all to read. 

and another of my favourite kits is: Days Gone By Collection 

by Carena's Designs

Here we can see the Entire Collection - all available at Scrapbook Max as Individual purchases.
Below are some layout examples - The first 2 are layouts I've done. Yes, The one on the right is indeed ME. The one on the left is my Great grandparents.
The 2 layouts above are done by charliesnana and JeanAnn. Both fabulous layouts and I thank my Creative Team for all their work to help me show my kits to you all. They are truely inspiring.


Lets explore the Forum and Gallery Together

For anyone who doesn't frequent the Scrapbook Max Forum and Gallery - I wanted to show you around. There are many fun and exciting things happening and it's a most fabulous place to not just learn new things but also make lots of new friends. I know sometimes people are concerned about interaction in Forums. You are right to think that there are a lot of suspicious people out in the internet world but if this is what is stopping you from joining us at SBM Forum, then let be assure you we are a friendly group of mostly ladies who are interested in scrapbooking. So, why not come and explore and check us out. Really we don't bite.  Below I've listed some starting places for. Can't wait to see you - click on the links - it's a great place to start.

  1. Introduce yourself. Do long have you been scrapping? Doesn't need to be personal information. Don't lurk no more - We want to meet you.
  2. Check out the Video Tutorial Section HERE or our Tips Area HERE
  3. Challenges - A great place to learn and explore and interact new friends made. Everyone is welcome - in fact the more the merrier. 
  4. Shared Corner - Freebie SBM templates and Embellishments
  5. New Release information from our wonderful designers.
  6. Gallery Area - Great inspiration can be found here. Have you been short of ideas? Come visit the gallery and you won't ever be stuck for an idea every again. We would also love you to share your layouts with us. We would love to be inspired by your layouts also.
Here is really just so so much on offer - this is just a starting point. Come and check it all out - and of course - come and explore my gallery where I showcase all my (Carena's Designs) Digital Scrapbooking Kits HERE and you will find the other designers there also. Totally awesome.


Carena's Recipe Challenge

  1. Make a page with a solid white background.
  2. Choose one color to feature (in my example I choose blue)
  3. You can use only tones of your colour choice with black & white in your layout. (in my example the flower buds had small amounts of green - so long as it's minimal)
  4. Use a shape to frame your entire page and color it either Black or your color choice.
  5. Add a Black and White photo and tint it in the smallest amounts of your chosen color. Must be barely detectable.
  6. Add 8 to 15 embellishments to your page. Remember only in your color tones or black and white. How you arrange them is up to you.
  7. Add some text in various sizes - a quote/verse. 
  8. Remember to add shadows to all of your elements to give depth of field. Don't over do it. Remember the rules of shadows - the greater the distance from the item to the surface - the further away the element - the closer the element the closer the shadow. Image your elements are laying on top of a piece of paper with the light coming from the top and slightly to the side.
  9. Lastly save and share your layout with us in the forum and gallery. Remember to give credits for the designer and kit used in your layouts in the gallery.
Here is my layout example for you to have a look at. I hope it helps inspire you and helps you understand my instructions. 
 Above is my Challenge Layout

Below is the kit I used: Natural Breeze by Carena's Designs
Available at Scrapbook Max Store HERE

Below is some layouts by my Creative Team
charliesnana, emst, Victoria32 and one by myself.
For further inspiration - Check out my Gallery HERE

For everyone who joins me in the forum and participates in the challenge I have a CHALLENGE PARTICIPATION GIFT: Loving Breeze Paper and Clusters by Carena's Designs
Challenge is OPEN from now until end of May so you have plenty of time to participate.
See you in the Challenge Forum HERE where you can get further information
but also get to see what everyone else has come up with - It's great way to learn, make new friends
and get inspired to create, create and create even more beautiful scrapbooking layouts.
FREE MINI ABOVE with Challenge Participaton 
See details above.

Kayes Famous Challenges - All about YOU!

This is what she is asking for this round.

I want this challenge to be all about YOU!

I want a themed page to be about you and something just normal in your everyday life - a
bad hair day, getting your nails done, a day in the garden are just some examples.

I would like to see at least 4 photos, they could be consecutive ones - taken one
after the other.


SO please come and join both Kaye and myself in some fabulous challenges this month. I want
to thank Kaye for providing a number of challenges in the past months. She has so many 
great ideas. If you haven't checked them out - then please do. You can find there HERE.
Although her previous challenges have ended, you will still learn heaps from them.

Lastly that's all I have for you this month but don't forget to check out my SALE.
20% OFF from NOW until 3rd May 2013 (coupon below)
Hurry to enjoy the savings in my store HERE.
Have a great scrapping day. Cheers from Carena's Designs

SEE Below for Sale COUPON

To get 20% off on Carena's kits, please visit Carena's category in the Scrapbook MAX! Digital Kits and Templates Store. Add a minimum of $5 worth of Carena's kits to your cart, then type in the code CLUSTERS exactly as shown into the 'Coupon Code' field before checkout. You must type in the code at the time of purchase to get the discount. Hurry - offer is one week only and ends on May 3, 2013!
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

FREEBIE - National Scrapbooking Day Sale

My Once a Year - National Scrapbooking Day SALE is on.

35% OFF Carena's Designs

Load up your cart and grab everything on your wish list. 
Have a great day.
Be sure also to check out the forum for the Template Challenge - November and grab yourself the template - FREE. Enjoy

My Newest kit in store: Family Holidays by Carena's Designs
and below the bundle contents. Enjoy

My Mum and Daughter

Layouts all done with Family Holidays by Carena
Thank you to my wonderful Creative Team for providing me with all these delightful pages.
Hugs to: emst, justbnsharon, britnkaysmemaw2, dodieganzales, JeanAnn, charliesnana

Free for you - Limited time so hurry to enjoy HERE
Will show free in your cart but Limited to just a day or two.
Click to join the newsletter list - so you don't miss the coming days freebies, there are heaps in the coming November and December all made with the same color scheme.

 Above the below the FREEBIES we have for you in the coming November and December. You won't want to miss any of them - sign up for newsletter HERE

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PS I Love You - Freebie cluster with word art by Carena

Remember to combine you purchase into one shopping cart and you can get the Current Collab - FREE with PURCHASE automatic into your cart. See store for details.
New: PS I Love You by Carena's Designs ON SALE Just $3.60 Limited Time
Papers for PS I Love You Kit is on SALE NOW and part of a Mix & Match Collection EXCLUSIVE at Digidesignresort Check it out HERE
Above layout by Twin_Tina - Gorgeous cluster work done here. Thank you.
Above and below layouts by emst - Thanks Elaine - gorgeous LO's
Victoria32 has done this stunning Wedding Layout - she has done this as a double page with the groom on the 2nd page. I leave you to take a look at it in the gallery at Digidesignresort - or click to see the layouts in the store and you will find it . Stunning double page.
Above layout by Marnie
Above layout by charliesnana - we exchanged photos and she has done this gorgeous layout with my daughters photo. So awesome - thanks so much.
This is our kitten - Jasper (6 months old) With my daughter Caitlyn.
PS I Love You - Bonus Cluster - Download Here. Password: thankyou Bonus Cluster Available for just a few days. Enjoy.