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Friday, October 19, 2012

Masculine Digital Scrapbooking Kit & Freebie

Free with Purchase
Happy Halloween Free with purchase offer Exclusive at Digidesignresort

Free with purchase can be found HERE IN STORE. Offers available with just a $5 spend in store. Check it out. See right hand side of store.

I have a new Digital Scrapbooking Kit released called: One for the Boy by Carena's Designs. I have had a number of request for Masculine Kits. Seems there aren't many around in the digital scrapbooking  world so this is especially for the people with handsome looking men and boys in their family that aren't so keen on the floral arrangements that they have been scrapped into. LOL. Poor guys must be getting a bit of a complex. SOOooo, now they have no reason to complain if you purchase and scrap beautiful pages with this strong masculine kit. The colors should suit them as well with greens, blues, orange and reds. Sure to be a hit with all the boys and the men. Strong textures in the papers and wonderful shapes and plenty of leaves and branches. Not to mention every mans favorite - a classic red car/truck. That's not all of course there are spanners and tools, helicopter, old tyres and wooden chests and old books and more. Hope you enjoy browsing the layouts.  

Make your man happy with a masculine kit designed "Just for the Boys" - you can find it HERE

and now a look at papers and all extras in Bundle.

And now here are some layouts I've done using the kit: One for the Boys. 

WHY do I scrap?  - I scrap because it gives me a great deal of pleasure but also I always scrap layouts with a new kit I've created to make sure I have everything a person might need in a kit to make a fabulous layout. There is nothing worse than buying a kit and then the pages just don't come together easy. Struggling to make a page isn't much fun and I want  my customers to have a great time using my kits. So  - I test them myself. Many designer don't scrap their own kits and in fact some don't scrap a page at all. I don't understand that. I think you get a much better idea what the customer is looking for if you scrap yourself. Anyway - here are some pages I've done with my newest kit. Hope you like them.

Good friend of mine. Stephan

Taken during Christmas Parade

A & P Agricultural Show Day

Show Day Again

Mum and Dad

Vintage Museam

Sheep Shearing - Show Day Again

Sheep Shearing - New Zealand
 and now for todays FREEBIE Sampler
brought to you by Carena's Designs
You can download this Gift of One for the Boys Sampler - HERE. Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Freebie and PS Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial - Clipping

Today I wanted to revisit a kit I designed a while ago but it's still an absolute favourite of mine. And really why wouldn't it be - delicious red roses with white flowers and stunning greens. This kit is a stunner and been a favourite with a lot of people. Perfect for weddings, engagements, anniversary and just about any occasion you can think of. I'm sure if you haven't already seen it - you will fall in love with it to. You can see it in STORE and grab a discount - HERE
Red Rose Romance by Carena's Designs

Red Rose Romance Bundle  comes with BONUS AlBUM COVER - see below for a tutorial on how to use it in Photoshop. Check out todays special on the Bundle.
Red Rose Romance Bundle with BONUS Album Cover
Layout by Carena

This layout is of course is ME!

And now I would love to share some amazing layouts done by my creative team. Aren't they just devine. Love them all - thanks girls, such a wonderful and diverse range of layouts. These of course ares just a few, to see more - please see the layouts in store.
by emst

by emst

by justbnsharon

by marine

by blondy

by victoria32

And now I have a video Tutorial for you on how to us the BONUS Photo Album Cover that is extra and only available in the digital scrapbooking Kit: Red Rose Romance Bundle by Carena's Designs. So now you all get to hear what I sound like. Actually not quiet as I have a small cold.
ALSO I show how to make a selection to fit a photo into an odd shaped frame. In todays case a lace frame. It comes in very handy for all your frames that are not always a ideal size, not square or rectangle or not a perfect oval or circle.  Hope you enjoy.
Sorry for the Demo Mode - This is my first real try out of doing a video and I'm still in Demo Mode.

And here is a layout example using the BONUS Album Cover from the Bundle.

And now the Freebie Sampler - I hope you enjoy working with it - You can grab it HERE. See you need time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free Template and Scrapbooking ideas

Kit: Days Gone By - by Carena's Designs
You can see it HERE in my store.

I am hosting this challenge at 2 different sites - First - Digidesignresort and 2nd at Scrapbook Max. Because Scrapbook Max site has their own software and it works differently to Photoshop type programs, I've added some extra information to help those people. I hope the everyone else also might find some of the information interesting also.

OK and now for some extra help. Here are the embellishments I used to make my first layout (pictured below with the Siamese Cat and Cailtyn). It all looks complicated in the layout but when you get down to the nuts and bolts - it isn't anywhere as difficult or complicated as you might think.

Embellishments I used - and this also shows the placement of where they went on the full page on the left - embellishment used on the right.

OK folks - about to share yet another secret technique with you all. Yes I used the paper as above with the eraser on the duplicated paper and then lightened.
I took this layout a further step - if you can notice the layout (BELOW) looks darker around all the outer edges while the middle looks brighter and eye catching.
Secret: After completing the layout I saved it as a Jpeg. Now I opened the flattened jpeg image of the layout back into SBM or photoshop or whatever program you are using as you can do it with them all. I then duplicated the layout (copy and paste it exactly on top of the first). Now darken the top layer and then erase the middle with a soft eraser so you can see the brighter image underneath. It will give you a spotlight type of effect.  I hope you find this useful.
 Both Above and below layout are done with the Kit: Days Gone By Bundle by Carena's Designs
Each layout using different elements from the kit but with the same FREE template which you will find below. The layout above I have used the technique described above.

FREE with Newsletter Sign Up - Natural Breeze
is Exclusive at Digidesignresort. You can get this kit FREE  - HERE
Above my layout with the FREE KIT and the FREE template below.

And now for the FREEBIE - you can get it HERE - Available all month. Come and join us in the challenges - we'd love to have you.