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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tutorial Photoshop & New release product

New Release: Beach Fun by Carena's Designs Below one of my favourite layouts using the kit:
54 Elements and 16 Papers - pop on over to DigitalScrapgirl.com for a look in my gallery for more examples of layouts using this kit.
Here is the link for my latest kit: Beach Fun
Tutorial below - I used the DigitalScrapgirl - Collaboration Kit for March for this layout. You can find it here: http://store.digitalscrapbooking.de/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=54&products_id=477
Here is how to achieve the above effect for your very own layouts. If you'd like to pass this information to your friends please send them to here. Many thanks.
For this layout I extracted my daughter first but you can do it last by erasing the background with a soft brush - it's up to you which way you do it.
  • duplicate background layer - apply the following to the copy
  • image > adjustment > invert
  • image > mode > grayscale - don't merge
  • set the blending to colour dodge
  • filter > gaussian blur - about 50 radius setting
  • image > mode > RGB and select merge
  • now add it to your layout page and set blending to overlay
  • and there you have it.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. I found it on the web somewhere but never wrote it down where. If you have seen this tutorial please let me know where so I can give proper credit. I do so many tutorials - it's a great way to learn. I highly recommend it.

I'd love to see your layouts you make using this - email me a message with a link to your gallery if you'd like to share them with me. Here: carena.cats@yahoo.com.au


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Freebie - Mini Kit - Chocolate (see bottom of post)

Full kit preview: LUSCIOUS by Carena's Designs - IN STORE NOW This kit is a very full 92.6 MB's with no excess space around embellishments (as all my kits are) Not only that this kit has a fold over paper edge and instead of adding it as a single paper I have had added it just as the edge. To add it as a complete paper it would take up about 18 MB's of space. I've added it on its own so you can add it to any of the papers in the kit. Simply add the fold over from edge to edge of the desired paper and then remove the paper that appears above it via easer or lay another paper up next to it on the angle - whicher method will do the trick. Hope you like this space saving idea and versatility of using it with other papers also. Papers - 14 patterned and textured These are my favourite elements in the kit for a closer look. My latest and greatest: LUSCIOUS by Carena's Designs 14 papers - 40 Elements = 92.6 MB's of Luscious kit - just $5.60 Every page I've done so far with this kit has come together like magic and so easy - I just love a kit that does this - one that you don't have to work that hard at to produce something that looks great. I hope you all like this one. Grab it here: http://store.digitalscrapbooking.de/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=468 Received: LAYOUT OF THE DAY - at Digitals 14th Feb for this one. Also got layout of the day - at Digitals 8th Feb for another of my layouts but I'm not posting it here as I have to much to post here today already. If you are interested I used my Singles D Overlay from the store - just $0.90 cents - that's right ninety cents - no typo. Here is my gallery at Digitals for those who want to take a look: http://digitalscrapbookpages.com/galleria/showgallery.php/cat/500/ppuser/4878 Page is Butterfly Reminder I also got layout of the week at my home site - DigitalScrapgirl - funny how that happened as both sites are totally independant of one another - maybe it must have been good. LOL Well guys I have to toot my own horn - no one else will. LOL Here is the freebie for today. Now this was some of my original work for designing and before I delete it off my computer all together I thought there may be some of you would like it. This in no way compares with my work now (quality or excellenance LOL) but I thought it was good for a laugh. If you feel you could use this for something - then please do go ahead and download. Like I say this is some of my original designing so don't expect tooo much from it. ENJOY Carena's Chocolate here: http://www.4shared.com/file/37955506/2d4bf24c/Carenas_Chocolate.html LASTLY as many of you already know Digiscrapdepot needs our help. Please if you are a regular freebie hunter and want to keep this site up and running be sure to make a small donation in order to keep it alive and well. Many thanks - your help is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Freebie Template at DSG Challenge

New arrival instore: Wedding by Carena's Designs This is my new kit: Wedding and is in store right now. Not only suitable for weddings but christenings and anniversary also. Hope you like this one. Click the DigitalScrapgirl link at the side to go to the site - I have a better preview there. Lots and lots in this kit to scrap with - it's very big and hard to preview in just one picture. Designers on sale: Sailor and Lula Kits and Affair of the Heart(Nina) both have sales at the moment - 30% off. Cheers. My page using the Challenge template. I used my brand new kit: Wedding by Carena's Designs for this layout.
Here is the link for the DigitalScrapgirl Febuary Template Challenge:
This Mega Kit is our gift to you when completing all 8 challenges at our site. It's appoximately 300 MB's of kit. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE. If you wish it is also in the store for sale. It is our way to say a special thank you for joining in the fun and being part of our wonderful family.
We would love you to join us.
Hugs from Carena